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Soy 20/20

Your company has hit its three-year mark, and now you’re eyeing new targets. You want to transform your $1-million success story into a $10-million business. Soy 20/20 will show you how.

A unique partnership between farmers, industry, government and academia, Soy 20/20 maximizes new bioscience opportunities for Canadian soybeans. And make no mistake: “opportunity” is the operative word. Soy is used in thousands of products around the world, from high-stability vegetable oils and unique food proteins to bioproducts such as adhesives, waxes, polymers, asphalt sealants and solvents. Meanwhile, Canadian soy consumption has practically unlimited room for growth.

We know the agri-commodity industry inside and out. So when you’re ready to expand an existing business into different categories, markets or products, we’ll help you lay out the next steps — and in some cases, hire the experts to make it happen.

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